bitcofarm has returned scam

Hello bitcofarm farmers, sorry for the bad news but bitcofarm no longer pays, for the information is that bitcofarm has returned scam.

The bitcofarm page is scam.

Because if that bitcofarm has returned scam?

As you may know these types of pages initially pay but then stop paying because if they do not have a way to get the money then they lose everything and keep the capital of people who invest in their pages as is the case of bitcofarm.

How do I know that bitcofarm has returned scam and that it does not pay?

  • Because he has not paid anyone for almost 4 months.
  • All payments that appear are bot.
  • Before, there was no need to confirm any email.
  • The email confirmation never arrives.
  • In the forum does not set you create topics without being accepted by the admin.
  • If you create a theme that you confirm the payment I get you accept it, but if you do not get the payment or problems with something your theme will never be accepted (this you have to prove for yourself).
  • Before I paid little like 5000 satoshis, now nothing.
  • When I updated the page you sent the payment and had to get a confirmation email (something that has never arrived)
  • All payments are pending.
  • Now it’s going to come out that you have already exceeded the limit of payments and you have to recharge to get the payments.
  • Talking with the support of the page does not help you at all they will tell you that they are looking at the problem, (they have been with it for 2 months)
  • The administrator does not respond in days or weeks (but tell him you have problems making a payment to the web, answer in hours)

I think with that the truth is enough, you can try this details for yourself.

Now the bitcofarm page no longer pays.

Currently bitcofarm has returned scam.

Do not invest money in it alone will be a waste of your money on the page nothing else.

Now that you know this, you no longer invest in bitcofarm.

Puedes verlo en español aqui :

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