Eye Bloody free for android

Do you like de blood?  I think you will like this game.

Eye Bloody it’s a enjoyable game. The game has all the necessary fun that you need and more.

How to play

Eye bloody it’s a puzzle game. The objective is to pass the eye but don’t touch any obstacle.

You can touch the eye and go to the end to the level. If your eye dead, don`t worry, you have more live what you can use to pass the level.

You have 13 attempts to pass the level. If you like, you can pause the play and continued late or at other moment if you prefer.

Eye bloody have a game from children from  twelve years old, because the  character is not suitable for young children, but don’t boring it is not a heavy game.

What is the reward?: 

This game doesn’t have any system point. It is only to play with your fiend and see to have the best in it.

Philosophy of the game:

If you have like a game with which you can spend a great time this is your game.

Eye bloody it’s the perfect game to play with your friend and family and can pass the boring dead hours  when you do not know what to do.

You can challenge them and prove who is the best player

Guaranteed fun:

Eye bloody it’s a funy game. It is perfect to play because it a other character but it not the same that you find yourself in other games.

Eye bloody it’s unique and you can think what it hard  but right away you’ll realize that it’s not like that.

You can see a lot of games with the same theme, but not as fun as it is.


Currently Eye bloody will not have updates, but if you want more information, visit my page Mundotain and you will see more and fun games that are waiting for you.

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¡¡Do not miss them!!

Eye Bloody
Eye Bloody
Developer: MundoTain
Price: Free
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  • Eye Bloody Screenshot
  • Eye Bloody Screenshot
  • Eye Bloody Screenshot
  • Eye Bloody Screenshot
  • Eye Bloody Screenshot

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